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Duration seven weeks

With selected articles that have a clear attitude and main thought. 

Use my voice that reflects with the original article to ask a question or make comment. 

The technique I use for the project is AR

Final production

Using video to show Ar technique, 

see the original text on the all and also the second voice on the wall and in the hallway.

The location this video took place in NYC subway, In the NYC subway, there are every race people and every religious person, as a big mixed population.

To make people think while they are walking inside the subway. 

Week one

Try different concepts and different techniques, that are able to contain my idea, which is racism and Christianity.

As ancient problems occur in the world, racism has a long history.

I wish to use AR this kind of new technology to make a contrast between old problems and new technology. 

Makes people think while they are experiencing the new technology.

poster 10.png
poster 08.png
poster 09.png
poster 07.png

Week 2

Try how AR words can show in the real scene and make the feeling of it is real, not just photoshop a picture and add words to it.

poster 06.png
poster 02.png
poster 04.png
poster 03.png

Week 3

Try to see what some other technique can do with my main thought. 

As an ancient problem using the old fashion way which is Poster may not be a bad choice. 

So develop some different posters and see the font and icons used in the poster. 

poster  01.png
poster 05.png

Week 4-6

Experiencing the two different forms of expression.

For the AR version, try to see how AR can fit in some religious scenes, like scenes inside the church and outside the church. using different fonts and colors to create the AR magic feeling. 

And see as Poster, able to combine original text with my own voice in a balanced way, but the poster gets too much information and is very complex, the readability is low, and sometimes confused audiences with reading. 

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