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Medical System Prtotype

Group Project

Duration three weeks

Create a medical system prototype based on the prompt given by the class.

A scanner of the body that is able to cure the pain of people and sensor the wound.


More like a Sci-Fi idea prototype, and I make the scanner as a Sensor Gun, that people can hold in hand and get the result of the sensor.


Sensor working Video

Using Arduino coding to have a distance sensor, and when there is an object near the sensor, the light will be red, which means the machine is not working, and when the object is near the sensor, the light will turn white, which means the machine is working.


Co-working video 

Combined three different prototypes that our group made in the past week, and make a connected and interactive video. Have storyboard to explain the content of each scene, and screenshot as a preview of the video. 

Our video is basically like Frankenstein, and the sensor activated different parts of body.


Working on real body

Using a projector to make the scanning animation on the human body. 

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