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City Concept

Group projcet

Duration six weeks

To build a city what elements are occurring in the city, what is important, what is not important.

The city is a big concept to deal with, there are too many things are happening at the same time. 

What I think that may signify to the city is, SIgnage, Line, board 


Signage is the thing that gives the rule and guide to the city, letting people know the limit or where heading. 


The line is also part of rules, the line on the road gives a rule of man, bicycle, cars, and where to park, where to turn. 


Board is a part of the city that gives advertisement. gives much more color to the city. 

Board Sketch

图层 75.png
图层 85.png
图层 86.png
图层 84.png
图层 83.png
图层 82.png
图层 80.png
图层 81.png
图层 78.png
图层 79.png
图层 76.png
图层 77.png

Week 1-2

First two weeks, get the basic concept of the city and use collage to create the image using different elements.

That reflects what I thought that each element is shown in the city. 


Week 4

Special focus on the advertising board, and using a lot of signage and drawing sketch to create the scene of advertising board, gives a basic concept with how advertising board looks like in the city and the function. 


Week 5-6

The final production of the city concept project, combined with other group members' work, to create a unique city of view. 

Eyes are one of the main ideas of our group, which means surveillance, and represents the different hierarchy of people living in the city. 

The bus-like building means the transportation system in the city, which is also a foundational function in the city. 

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